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Welcome to the website of Taeyang Chemical Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment in 1986, Taeyang Chemical Co., Ltd. has been ranked the No.1 producer of liquid phenolic resins in Korea. It also specializes in the production of various kinds of resin products such as melamine resin, urea resin and polyvinyl acetate resin, and diverse types of precision chemical products such as spin finish oils for polypropylene fibers.

In 2017, Taeyang Chemical becomes a member of the Dongwha Group and is taking a leap forward in its corporate development. Based on its technology and know-how accumulated for decades, Taeyang Chemical strives to develop new markets and maximize its sales competencies and operational efficiency under the auspices of Dongwha Enterprise, the world's leading producer of wood products.

Dongwha Enterprise has expanded its overseas presence virtually all across the world over the past 20 plus years, thus continuing to boost its global business capabilities. Taeyang Chemical will join forces with the company to continue developing new markets overseas, particularly in Asia, in the chemical business area boasting high growth potential. Taeyang Chemical will do its very best to further enhance its global competitiveness as an industry leader in the chemical business area through constant challenges and innovations.

We thank you for your constant support and look forward to continuing to work with you.

Kim JaeMin, CEO of Taeyang Chemical Co., Ltd.