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01. Characteristics
As a spinning oil for Filament yarn, it generates less fume, and scatters less and is also eliminated less. So, we can save the amount of emulsion to be used. It makes the quality of yarn superior as its drawing properties are excellent because of outstanding anti-static properties and gathering properties. In addition, in a high temperature and a high speed, it shows excellent stability against heat, extensible properties, and lubricity. So, its workability and productivity can be much improved.

02. Applicable field
Because of excellent heat resistance, gathering properties, and flatness, its drawing workability is also excellent. So, it demonstrates superior performance when filament yarn is produced.

03. Spec

  Active Contents(%) Viscosity(cps) PH Use and characteristics
T-305S 80~85 90~100 8.0~9.0 PP Ordinary yarn(400~900 De), Non-ion
T-303 75~80 80~120 8.0~9.0 PP Ordinary yarn
PB-920 85~90 120~130 6.5~7.5 PP Ordinary yarn(300~900 De), negative ion
PB-600 92~94 80~100 7.0~8.0 PP Ordinary yarn
T-900 85~90 240~250 7.2~7.4 PP high tenacity yarn(900~1,500 De), negative yarn
TR-1000 48~50 140~160 6.5~7.5 Wig yarn(500~2000 De), Non-ion
SUN-OIL 98~100 1,000~1,300 9.5~10.0 Ceramic yarn

02. Softening agent

01. Characteristics
As it is excellent in solubility, heat resistance, and flatness, the needle working property can be improved. Stability is excellent not only in summer but also in winter.

02. Applicable field
It gives excellent flexibility and flatness to various textiles, thus improving the feeling of fabrics. As its flexible dispersibility is excellent, it is evenly absorbed into fabrics. As we have products with a variety of characteristics such as lubricity, hydrophobic property, and deformity including flexibility, it is possible to apply them according to their individual use.

03. Spec

  Solid content(%) Viscosity(cps) PH Use and characteristics
SAS-20 13~14   5.0~6.0 Silicone Softener
SAS-25 13~15   4.5~6.0 Silicone Softener
TY-300 9~10   6.0~7.0 Silicone Emulsions
CD-30 11~12 50~60 5.0~6.0 Cation Softener
NS-35 11~12 30~50 5.0~6.0 Silicone & Cation Softener
AS-10 13~14   5.0~6.0 Silicone Softener