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Glyoxal resin / Antistatic agent
Catalyst / Water repellent permeating agent / Others

01. Glyoxal resin

01. Characteristics
You can get a good result in Permanent Press processing, Wash & Wear processing, anti-crease finishing, and non-shrink treatment. As it is excellent in chlorine resistance, it is good for Calico processing. It is also excellent in the light fastness of dyed fabrics. It is suitable for post-cure processing as it is not hydrolyzed or condensed.

02. Applicable field
As a two-component glyoxal fibrin reactive resin, it gives the everlasting effects of anti-crease finishing and non-shrink treatment to fibrin textile, synthetic fiber, and blended fabric. Particularly, it is excellent in chlorine resistance and light fastness. As a permanent press finishing agent, it is suitable for the resin processing of all fabrics. Particularly, the Non-Formaldehyde Type of NFR-10 is a product which has come into the spotlight because of a growing environment-friendly trend.

03. Spec

  Solid content(%) Viscosity(cps) PH Use and characteristics
TG-1 34~36 10~15 4.8~5.2 Anti-crease finishing, non-shrink treatment
TG-4 39~41 12~18 4.8~5.2 Anti-crease finishing, non-shrink treatment
TG-70 63~65 35~45 4.0~4.5 Anti-crease finishing, non-shrink treatment, low-odor processing, Soft touch
NFR-10 49~51 20~30 4.0~4.5 Non Formaldehyde type

02. Antistatic agent

01. Characteristics
It gives a semi-permanent anti-static property to various fabrics. When resin is processed, dyeing in the same bath is possible. And its flatness is excellent and it does not reduce abrasion resistance. When fabrics are processed, it can be used together with resins or assistants..

02. Applicable field
It gives excellent anti-static property to various fabrics and minimizes the reduction of abrasion resistance. When resin is processed, it is possible to do it in the same bath. It is also an excellent anti-static agent which improves the feel of fabrics.

03. Spec

  Solid content(%) Viscosity(cps) PH Use and characteristics
KG-102 19~20   6~8 Nonion, metal chlorides
KG-105 17~19   5~7 Anion
KG-107 20~22   7~9 Nonion

03. Catalyst

01. Characteristics
By being added to a variety of our resins, it plays a role as a cross-linker or hardener. We are preparing various grades of catalysts in accordance with customers' working environments and requirements.

02. Spec

  Solid content(%) Viscosity(cps) PH Use and characteristics
TM 37~38   7.0~8.0 Glyoxal catalyst, fast-cure, improvement of whitening resistance
TM-2     1.0~2.0 Glyoxal catalyst, low-temperature treatment
TM-8 39~41   0.3~1.0 Glyoxal catalyst, low-formalin processing
TC 34~36   6.0~8.0 Textile melamine, urea resin catalyst
PTCA       Melamine resin hardener
TU-750 34~36 1,500~3,000   Urea resin hardener
UTC-100       Floor adhesive hardener

04. Water repellent/
permeating agent

01. Characteristics
Water repellent: The G-17 is a fluorinated water-repellent and oil-repellent finishing agent. By forming a thin film on the surface of various fabrics, it gives water-repellent and oil-repellent properties which are excellent in durability and washing resistance with semi-permanent processing effects.

Permeating agent:The DO-70 reduces the interfacial strength of fabrics and makes various assistants demonstrate the best performances with the fabrics.

02. Spec

  Solid content(%) Viscosity(cps) PH Use and characteristics
G-17 14~16   3.5~4.5 Cation water-repellent, cation
DO-70 34~36     Permeating agent for textile, anion

05. Others

01. Characteristics
1) Water-soluble polyester resin: As a Non-Formaldehyde Type, it is an environment-friendly thermoplastic polyester resin. It is developed for excellent anti-crease finishing, non-shrink treatment, and feel adjustment.

2) Formalin removing agent: As a water-soluble formalin catcher, it eliminates formaline effectively by splaying its undiluted solution or diluted solution to construction materials such as MDF, particle board, and plywood.

3) Knife coating resin: It is a water-based emulsion-type thermoplastic resin which has been developed for giving hard touch after fabric treatment. As it is excellent in water resistance, there is no change in touch even after contacting water. It is also excellent in cold resistance.

4) PVA water solution: As a Poly Vinyl Acetate water solution, it has a certain level of viscosity and adhesive strength. It can be used alone and demonstrate various functions if it is added to resin.

02. Spec

  Solid content(%) Viscosity(cps) PH Use and characteristics
TC-250 28~32 80~100 4.0~7.0 Environment-friendly, water-soluble polyester resin
FC-300 11~13     Formaline removing agent
TA-207 32~36 6,000~10,000   Textile Hard Touch
BJ-17 14~16 5,000~6,000   PVA water solution